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Patient testimonials for Dr. Dresner:

Dr. Dresner,

After having breathing problems most of my life, I consulted with Dr. Dresner about options for alleviating the problems. After his examination, he described in full the physical obstructions that were causing the problems. In addition to a deviated septum, portions of my nostrils were collapsing, adding to the obstructed airways. He then explained how he could fix both problems, and that he expected no problems in doing so. I was impressed with his knowledge and his approach to the procedure. I did not hesitate to schedule the surgery.

Because I had always disliked my oversized nose, I also chose to have some contouring done while undergoing the septoplasty/turbinate procedure.

All of my meetings with Dr. Dresner have been outstanding. He is one of the most intelligent, bright, warm, straight-forward doctors I've worked with. I had read to expect physical discomfort after the surgery, but his surgical skills worked their magic on me, and I had a very easy recovery. I absolutely love my new nose, and am thankful every day that I can now breathe through my nose again.

I would recommend Dr. Dresner to anyone and sing his praises from the rooftops!




Thank you so much for all you have done for me. I liked you the first meeting I had with you. You were the first doctor who read notes on my problem before you met with me. You asked questions, listened, and communicated clearly to me what your diagnosis was, and what your goals were for me. Maybe to you that is such a natural thing to do, but it's not a norm for patients to find doctors that diligent.

I especially liked that you consulted with other doctors concerning my probems. It doesn't make me have less faith but more faith in your abilities. It tells me that you would do anything to help me even if it means seeking a second opinion on my behalf. It also helps that every chance they get, your staff talks very highly of you!

My husband was very concerned and nervous about the procedure but as soon as he talked to you, he knew I was in good hands as well. From one smart man to another, he could tell you were intelligent and had much faith in your abilities.

My mom has been on my case to seek a second opinion, perhaps an Asian doctor who would know more about performing rhinoplasty on Asians. I refused and told her I liked you and didn't need a second opinion. Tonight I showed her my nose and she is very pleased. I don't like to look at myself when someone is watching so I didn't get a chance to study my nose in your office until I got home. Everyone is pleased, especially me!

Keep up with the good work! You are an excellent doctor! As a patient of a few doctors in my life time, they are hard to come by.

With Sincere Thanks,



“I cannot compliment Dr. Dresner and his staff enough as they performed skin graft surgery on my nose after a removal of a pre-cancerous tumor on my nose.  Dr. Dresner was so personable, understandable and professional when he explained the surgery to my wife and I in terms we both could understand.  We had planned to go on vacation on the 16th of October and he made sure that the surgery was performed prior to that and that I had no discomfort or concerns while vacationing.  It just turned out so well thanks to Dr. Dresner and his staff.  To date the graft is healing well and we will be visiting again in the near future for a follow-up exam.  Thanks to all the personnel on the 4th floor for their courteous and prompt attention.  It was and is a pleasure to visit Health Partners Specialty Center.”



In June of 2010, I was diagnosed with Squamous Cell Carcinoma in an area on my nose.  On June 1, I had MOHS procedure done to remove the area that was affected.  After that procedure I was told that I would need plastic surgery for the repair and Dr. Dresner at Regions Hospital was highly recommended for the job.  On June 2, I met with Dr. Dresner to discuss my options.  I was very nervous about the procedure and with the hole that the MOHS had left, but was immediately at ease once I met with Dr. Dresner.  He explained all of my options and was very thorough.  He gave me his advice and was extremely helpful with answering all of my questions and explaining the procedure options.  I left that day feeling very comfortable and knowing that, in the end, my nose would look like I had never needed skin cancer repair.

On June 4, I had the procedure done.  He greeted me and we talked a bit before I was sedated.  During that discussion he calmed my nerves, as I was very confident with his professionalism and expertise.  The surgery went extremely well.

The following week I went back to see Dr. Dresner to have the stitches and splint removed.  I was very anxious about this appointment; I was eager to hear how the healing progress was going.  Once again, I felt very comfortable with Dr. Dresner’s professionalism as well as his bedside manner.  I appreciated the extra time he gave to answer questions that my husband and I had.

I returned for another follow up visit in December to check on the healing.  I am healing quite well and am so pleased with the outcome.  I really respect Dr. Dresner for his skills as a surgeon as well as his professional, yet fun personality.  This was a very scary time for me and I really appreciated all that he did to help with my nerves and my healing.  I would highly recommend him to anyone who is in need of this type of surgery.  Not only is he a wonderfull surgeon, but he has a way about him that is calming and reassuring.



Dear Dr. Dresner and all of the wonderful people that helped with my nose surgery,

I would like to sincerely thank all of you for your great work. You turned a scary experience into something pleasant. I was very nervous, but you all helped to soothe my nerves. I felt sincerely "cared" for. So I thank all of you! Dr. Dresner, I think you truly are skilled and gifted at what you do. Your sense of humor and positive attitude brighten peoples' day and turn a could be scary experience into a joyful one. So thank you! And by the way, I am already beginning to breathe better and am healing remarkably. Keep up the fantastic work!